Miscarriage of Justice Day 2014 Flyer
Miscarriage of Justice Day 2014 Flyer

Flyer for the Miscarriage of justice Day Meeting on 11th October 2014 now available via the thumbnail to the right!

Details of the 2014 Miscarriage of Justice Day Meeting also available online using the link below if you are unable to view in pdf form.


United Against Injustice is an association of independent member organisations.

Each of the member groups meets regularly and actively supports two or more cases.  Groups set up to support just one case cannot be members of United Against Injustice, but with other groups near to them they can form joint organisations which can become members of United Against Injustice.  UAI is committed to helping miscarriage of justice campaigners set up such local organisations.  

Details of the 2014 Miscarriage of Justice Day Meeting -http://www.unitedagainstinjustice.org.uk/2014-miscarriage-of-justice-day-public-meeting/

United Against Injustice’s Aims and Objectives


  • To federate Miscarriage of Justice Campaigns, Support Groups and Organisations. 
  • To highlight the incidence of MoJ’s and expand the public’s awareness of MoJ issues.
  • To establish and organise an annual National Miscarriage of Justice Day.
  • To provide advice, support and an information network to member groups.
  • To represent the collective voice of our member groups.
  • To promote mutual understanding, communication and good relations between our member groups.
  • To actively encourage, support, advise and facilitate the formation of likeminded groups.

UAI does not promote individual cases: this is the responsibility of member groups. 

Website currently being redesigned but you can continue using the previous pages here – http://www.unitedagainstinjustice.org.uk/index2.html